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Hey Beauty,

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Remember Pleasure?

Remember Your Body?

All the good things that you want – pleasure, desire, intimacy, connection…they are all experienced in your body.  Sadly, most of us spend our entire lives living in our heads. This is not your fault, beloved. There are so so many reasons why…philosophers, your past, the patriarchy.  That’s why I created the Remembering Your Body Masterclass…because I want you to truly learn how to live a Pleasure Full life. Best of all – you can get instant access for free!

Hi, I’m Jenni.

I am on a mission to educate and empower women healing from betrayal to reclaim their peace, their power and their lives.

“Jenni’s energy, knowledge, compassion, and spirit are infectious; I cannot imagine a better guide to help explore yourself in order to heal and thrive.” 

— Erika aka Happy Client

Praise for Jenni

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