I wish it was everyday! But then maybe I would eventually take it for granted and wouldn’t love it so much after all.  Today, however, is a most awesome day.  The hubby and I packed up our badass minivan and trucked down to Port Aransas for the weekend – with our youngest boy in tow.TIMEOUT: Let’s have a brief history lesson of my love life since you may be wondering why only one of our three boys has gotten to come to the beach.  On September 23, 1995, I married my high school and college sweetheart.  Eleven months and two weeks later, we split up.  No kids. No assets.  On May 27, 2000, I married the father of my first two children.  I had the eldest in October of 2002 and the second in June of 2005.  In 2007, we split up.  We have 50/50 custody so the big boys are with their dad this weekend.  On March 27, 2010, I married the love of my life and the man that the universe especially made for me and we now a 22-month old son together.Game on again.  So, we came down to the coast for a little relaxing getaway and this is also the baby’s first trip to the beach.  I LOVE the beach – it is the only place I feel totally at peace.  I had high hopes that it would have a similar effect on the boy.  But, alas, after about 15 minutes of shoveling sand, he was ready to get back in the “buggy.”  You see, we had rented a four-seater golf cart for the weekend and this was my fatal flaw.  It was way more exciting to ride (and the hubby actually let him steer) around in the golf cart than shovel wet sand.But still – it has been a most awesome trip.  We had a great meal at one of our favorite restaurants in Port A last night.  I met an extremely friendly bike dude (leather pants, Harley and everything) and his wife.  The dude gave me a sip of his pomegranate martini!  Can you imagine sharing a POMEGRANATE martini with a HUGE, bald biker dude? Only in Port A.Also noteworthy were the couple of awesome, random things I found on the beach today. First, a creepy, baby doll leg that bleached to transparency and stuffed with sand.  And then a queen of hearts playing card stuck to a wooden post.  That’s me you see, the queen of hearts.  But not mean like in Alice in Wonderland, but full of love, sunshine and glowing with the joys of family and the sea.  BTW – I’ve been trying to teach the baby how to sing “Ocean Size” but Jane’s Addiction.  So, far, all I can get is him to shout out, “Ocean size!” Which I think is a great start.Creepy baby doll leg found on the beach!I am the Queen of Hearts! Oh yeah, I managed NOT to get hammered last night.  Whew – yeah me!