We loved Port A so much that we extended our stay by another night and what a night we had.  We started with frozen margaritas at the Upper Deck Bar around 5:00 p.m. Then trotted over Trout Street where we feasted on waffle fries, calamari and fried cheese sticks.  I’m not even kidding.  We also had red wine and martinis. Then we stopped off at Stripes and bought more crappy red wine and drove our beach cart back to the condo. Then the hubby and the boy headed for the pool while I opened the wine.  I got to the pool just in time to stop the hubby from going skinny dipping in broad daylight.  I convinced him to at least keep on his boxers.  After a brief swim and the boy pushing nine pool chairs into the pool, we discovered the model condo we had toured earlier (and are going to try like hell to buy) was OPEN! We headed into to check it out again, briefly considered shagging but quickly decided that was wildly inappropriate.  After that we had the brilliant idea to go buy beer.  Luckily, there was a convenience store in the same parking lot.  That’s pretty much the last thing either of us remember. Needless to say, I did not manage to not get hammered last night.  Progress not perfection.

Now we are back home in Austin with all our boys around us watching the worst Benji movie ever.  It doesn’t even really have Benji in it! But it is keeping the boys calm and occupied.  I’ve been a little bummed and cranky this evening but am avoiding getting drunk and hoping to go to bed early enough to get a little snuggle in.  I am worried about whether I will actually be able to stop once I get back from Mexico.  The new doctor told me that I had forgotten how powerful I was. That we are all alchemists with the ability to change something shitty into something beautiful.  The hubby and I are resolved to changing our lives into ones that we love. A life filled with passion and meaning. It won’t be easy but we can do it.  We just have to be badass.