Not last night, but the night before I had these crazy, freaking nightmares.  In the first sequence, I was sitting in a taqueria next to this man who painted our house two summers ago.  I was talking with him and the guys behind the counter about whether or not they cut the heads off of their shrimp diablo before they served them.  The guy behind the counter said they cut the heads to cook them but then put them back on because they were especially great when you could bit into the crunchy head and whiskers.  I wanted no part of that.  Suddenly, the painter started to get a little to0 friendly and I tried to move but he grabbed me and refused to let go.  I cried out to the guys behind the counter but they did nothing.  The painter pulled me close I told him that if he didn’t let me go that I would bite his ear off.  Then I blacked out and the next thing I remember was waking up in a bedroom in the back of the taqueria.  I had been beaten and raped by the painter.  I kept asking myself how did this happen? How did he do this?  And then I realized that the had my baby in a crib in the room and reasoned that he must have threatened to hurt my baby if I didn’t do what he wanted.  I grabbed my baby and ran out of the taqueria.

In the second sequence, I was at a big hotel for a work conference.  I was talking to several folks I know in “real life” from work and we were all trying to decide where to go for dinner that night.  One guy suggested a restaurant called Prana.  My husband and I said that we preferred OceanAire but we got outvoted because it was too expensive.  Suddenly, I was going up an escalator in a crowded shopping mall.  There was another, young guy that I work with coming up the escalator behind me.  He asked where we were going for dinner and I said a restaurant called Prana. Then I had to explain to him that prana was a sanskrit road for breath, life or chi.  I remember thinking that I needed to talk really loud so that he could hear me over the mall crowds.  I also said that sounds like pirahana so I was guessing it was seafood.  Suddenly, the young guy disappeared and we were in a long, white hallway that had blood smeared all over the walls, ceiling and floor.  I remember thinking that it was my fault that something terrible had happened to the young guy and that I had to find him.  But he kept disappearing around every corner before I could catch up.  A voice started to talk and and I realized that I was inside the trailer of a horror movie.  The hallway turned in to a ramp and I started to slide towards a black hole.  As I slid, the voice said, “there are no more mysteries” and I fell off into a dumpster.  Then the trailer voice said that this would be the ultimate horror movie because it would a movie about a man that died and went to hell.  I started panicking…thinking I can’t watch this trailer because it could trigger my anxiety but then my body caught on fire – starting at my feet and working its way up.

In the final sequence, I was in a court room with an angry mob.  There was a man yelling that they had finally caught the murderer who had killed his wife and children.  I realized that there was man hanging upside down from the ceiling and badly beaten.  The angry man told the mob to take the murderer down and tie him to the ceiling and put him in a coffin.  The mob tied the man face first and flat to the ceiling while he screamed.