Alrighty, folks.  I have gone two whole days without a drink.  Yesterday went pretty smoothly – especially post second massage in two days and serendipitously running into my yoga/shaman teacher who was getting a massage at the exact same time as me! Seriously, what are the odds?!But today definitely had some tougher moments.  I mean, it was awesome waking up with NO hangover and I felt pretty euphoric but then some bickering kicked in with the hubby – nothing major but sometimes it’s hard to try to coordinate everyone’s lives.  I am so sick of trying to keep everyone happy! Good thing I started reading Loving What Is by Byron Katie last night so I’m hoping to the kick the need to please everyone right in the ass! My boss loves to tell me about the time his mother told his wife, “You can’t make everybody happy so it may as well be you.” Or something like that.  Funnier than that. Anyway…I’m working on that whole co-dependency thing.I did get to work out with my trainer for the first in weeks and she kicked my ass! It was awesome and I felt like a million bucks for a while but then the insanity that comes with three small boys and puppy started to creep and I started getting majorly stressed out.  By the time I loaded the screaming baby into the minivan, I was in tears and ready to get hammered. But I knew that I would only feel bad about myself in the morning if I had a drink and so I kept calm and breathed on.SItting on the deck in our backyard a couple of hours later, the air had cooled off again from the rain and the boys were all laughing on the swings.  I imagined a new kind of cocktail – the Summer Sunset: one part summer breeze, 1/2 part fire flies, 1 part green grass, two parts faith and one deep breath…after another.  It helped me make it through the night.xo