Day 2 was was so amazing. The sun, the sand…it is really impossible to describe how fantastic it is here.  You don’t have to wear shoes anywhere and there are little footbaths at the entrance to every building to dip you feet in to wash away the sand.

After yoga and breakfast, I read in my room for awhile and the strolled the beach with my friend and had a couple of Coca-Cola Lights, which I can’t BELIEVE that I had forgotten that they existed! They are so much better here than in the states.

At 2:30, I had a Reiki Combo Massage that started out as a Swedish massage on my back that I mostly slept through and then she had me turn over and she performed Reiki on me.  I must admit that I didn’t really know what the heck it was but it was her laying her hands on me in certain places for extended periods of time and there was some chanting involved. The terrible part was by that time I had to pee so bad that it was hard to stay relaxed.  

At the end of it, she let me know that, if I wanted to do more emotional healing, she offered EFT.  She explained that it involved tapping in certain pressure points on the face and hands to release emotions. She that it would give me tool to take back with me to use at home.  She also said not to decide now, to read about it and that I could also do it back in the states.  Then she hesitated for a moment, as if she wasn’t sure whether to continue.  She eventually said I could also try something called Matrix if I had any traumas that I needed to release.  I froze when she said that.  I wanted to ask her what the heck she had seen in me during the session?! But then the cynic in me told myself that she was just angling to get more money out of me. But as the day, evening and night wore on…the word trauma would not let me go. Whether or not she said to everybody – I don’t know but it is just too powerful to ignore.  Regardless of her intentions, I have to believe that the universe was moving through her – leading me somewhere.  I have an appointment for 11:00 am tomorrow morning.