I got back from Mexico two days ago.  It was without a doubt the most amazing week of my life.  So many miracles happened everyday.  I have been sober since Friday night.  I am feeling tired and depressed.  I want to go back to Mexico.  I miss my friends there.  It is a common thread – many of us have posted how much we miss being with our mayan tribe.  I am struggling to find meaning in my day job but I know it is what I have to do.

Yesterday was my first whole day back and it was also Father’s Day.  I was in such a sad state and struggling to make it a great day for the hubby.  I had some wins and some losses. And my period is two weeks late and I am NOT pregnant because four pee sticks can’t be wrong.  But I have been hormonal.  Hating my body, my hair, my glasses. I have an appointment at two to follow up on my contact lenses but I don’t even care about going.  My brain is not right.  Of course, I haven’t done yoga since Saturday morning – I am probably going through withdrawal! I will go after work this afternoon and pray that it lefts my mood.  That’s all for now.