I have been very lax in blogging since I got back from Mexico.  But I have been SOBER.  It had been a tough week.  My experience in Mexico was so amazing it has been tough to assimilate back to the real world.  Not that I don’t love my husband and kiddos but MAN – I had the most badass, amazing time in Mexico.  I made all this room in my heart for some big change and I think part of me expected to be fired from my job when I got home.  But – on the contrary – my boss’ only other direct report has taken a new job and so now my boss needs me more than ever! Sigh – I am trying to be grateful.  But I miss being real.  I miss feeling totally loved and accepted for who I am.  Back at work and I feel like the same old misfit that I always am.  Why can’t these people be real?  Who cares about wave traps and limiting elements and retail transaction processing?  I care about yoga and visions and waking up with the sun and being surround by amazing people who like me and who are like me.

Luckily tonight I met a few of my friends at yoga and we had a great practice – led by my teacher, of course – and then had dinner afterwards. It felt so good!  I’m hanging in, hanging tough and hanging ten.  Riding the waves…waiting for the next big wave. And I know it will come – I just gotta be patient.