Life Coach it is!  I mean, I am still sorting through my values with my own life coach but I do believe that it is going to be the perfect fit.  I can start school next month and be done in about a year.  It’s not super cheap but way less expensive than a master’s degree.  Besides, going back to get a master’s degree after everything I have been through seems like unnecessary roughness. (Ooh – football starts soon, too!) So, I could be staring life coach and yoga teacher training in the same month.  WHOA!  I had such a great session with my life coach this last week.  I am going to build a life coach practice and write books and host workshops and seminars and help liberate the world from the bondage of self! I am truly, truly excited! 

On another tangent.  I went to a workshop yesterday afternoon led by Jenn Wooten – a most amazingly badass yoga teacher that I know.  It was on Yin Yoga and Buddhism.  It was about leaning into the discomfort of holding long, deep poses as a metaphor for leaning in to the discomfort of life.  My favorite message was came from Jenn’s describing how she felt smug after staying in pigeon for ten minutes.  Afterwards, her teacher said, “For some of us, discomfort is our comfort zone.”  I LOVED that.  I think many of us get off on being busy and overwhelmed all the time.  Oh, look at me! I’m so very busy and important!  I don’t have time to take a breath much less actually sit down, meditate and actually ENJOY this precious life that we only get to experience ONCE.  Ok, I actually do believe in reincarnation but we only get to enjoy this particular life once.  Today is Jenn Wooten’s birthday – happy birthday out there in the universe Jenn Wooten.  Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, I hope you are feeling like the total badass that you are.