One of my other loves is rehabilitating old furniture and, when I wrote my ideal day a couple of weeks ago, it definitely included working on some pieces.  It is like art for me.  I love the paint and the fabric.  I am, in fact, a fabric whore.  I LOVE FABRIC.  ANYWAY – I found myself in kind of a funk this morning.  I was hoping for a nice relaxing day of working from home but that was soon demolished by the realization that my mom was NOT coming to pick up the 2yo any minute and that we had to get him ready and take him to the daycare.  AND THEN, two fraggles showed up to finally replace the two, enormous front windows in our living room.  I am so excited about this because it has literally been MONTHS in the making but instead of quiet and relaxation there are two guys ripping windows out of my house.  SIGH.  

Nevertheless, I persevered.  I managed to meditate anyway.  Then I had to go the store to buy them some bug spray to kill out the hordes of giant red ants in one of the window frames and – on the way – I saw that Mrs. Penny, our elderly neighbor down the street – was having and estate sale.  After dropping off the bug spray, I made a bee line over there!  I picked up three, antique upholstered chairs and sofa for $200!  What a deal!  And, while they are hideously ugly, they are in good enough shape to use in our soon to be master studio apartment that we are creating in the former rec room.  HOW COOL IS THAT? Now, I just have to learn how to upholster them!