So, I’ve been doing ALOT of reading since I quit drinking.  And I mean ALOT.  Pretty much everything has been self-help, non-fiction type stuff focused on figuring out who and what the heck I want to be for the rest of my life.  I’m so happy this morning and full of love for myself and the world that either all of this reading and meditating is actually working …or I have a brain tumor.  JOKING!  There have be so many amazing connections made for me in my brain, in my soul and in my community.  This blog that started as “how the hell am I supposed to quit booze?” has turned in to “holy crap my life is amazing and I am so freaking excited to be me!”  I am learning to fall in love with myself and it feels so great and so true that I wish every soul on earth could walk in my shoes right now.  Which is why I’m taking steps to soak every ounce of awesomeness that I can so that I can be a beacon for those I love and for the world!OK, now that I’ve given you some background, my post for today will make a little more sense.  Or at least seem a little less crazy. Today, I want to talk about my toes…my cute, sweet, sturdy, adorable, asana-rocking toes!  Although, truthfully, what I want to do is apologize to them.  How many times have I sat on the toilet and looked down at my toes only to wince and think, “Holy Crap – I need a pedicure!”  How many times during down dog have I only noticed the quarter inch of new growth below the polish color and fretted, “when will I ever find the time?!” Or – and by far the worst – tucked my feet under my chair during a work meeting, ashamed that I was between pedicures and MY TOES WERE NAKED in their peep-toe pumps!Ok, I know I’m being silly but the point is that it is high time that I stopped abusing my toes because it is just another way in which I torture myself for being shy of total perfection.  Never mind that I am a working mom of THREE little boys and it is miracle that I find time to either crap or do yoga – the last thing I ought to be doing while there is berating myself over my toe nail polish! What I should be doing in embracing myself as I am, which is perfectly imperfect in every single moment that I am alive.  AND – I should be worshiping my sweet, little toes!  They are amazing little appendages that support me all day, everyday of my life! They carry me swiftly through the mad dash mornings, tap patiently during bored meetings, root down through the earth during mountain pose, stand barefoot in the kitchen for dinner and tip toe out of the baby’s room once he’s finally fallen asleep.  These beautiful toes of mine have been with me since I first set foot on this earth.  They work hard for me, supporting me every day regardless of how long it has been since we made it to the salon.  It is high time that I stopped using them as scapegoats and starting singing their praises every time I happen to look down.  Here’s to you beautiful, little toes…I accept you love, love you and praise you just as you are!Image