I’ve gotten that question a lot lately.  And I mean A LOT.  Usually from people who are amazed at the huge smile on my face and how freaking happy I am now that I’ve finally committed to leaving my corporate career of eighteen years in order to pursue the life of my dreams.  By life of my dreams I mean that I’ve just finished my first book, which is called “An Om of My Own” and is a harrowing story of how I finally came to trust in divine guidance and my own intuition. I am  also getting ready to launch (like a rocket!) my coaching business designed to provide spiritual mentorship for women looking to find their own inner voice.I mean, who wouldn’t be smiling?  Well,  a few years ago I wouldn’t have been.  A few years ago I would be pretty much be unable to get out of bed due to the monstrous anxiety that would be kicking my ass and because I could not function without the security of knowing exactly where my next paycheck is coming from.But that was before I learned that true happiness in life comes from learning to listen only to your own voice and to ignore those tiny, vicious anxiety-provoking demons that sit on your shoulders and whisper scary shit into your ears.  You know the ones I’m talking about.  The ones that tell you that you’d be a fool to quit your cushy job.  The ones that tell you that you are being selfish and you should be happy with what you have.  The ones tell you that deep down you know you aren’t good enough to make it on your own.  “Who do you think you are?!” they demand to know.The truth, however, is that those demons are never your intuition.  They are never divine guidance because the Universe would never speak to you like that!  All that crap that the demons just love to whisper is really just the messages that we got from our well meaning (mostly) peanut gallery of parents, friends, co-workers and even (sadly) our partners.  They sound so sincere, however, and they trigger our fears so profoundly that we bite – hook, line and sinker.Want to be happy?  Then you got to learn to tell those demons to fuck off.  The true secret to happiness – that is now my personal passion to share with the world – can only be found through cultivating conscious contact with our divine guidance, which is the same thing as our intuition.  Once you are easily able to sort through the demonic chatter and focus instead on the pearls of wisdom that only your inner wisdom knows, you will soon be grinning from ear to ear yourself!The Universe love you, baby.  And right now it is telling you to “Fly, baby, fly!”