It is pouring rain here in Austin this Memorial Day weekend.  I’m afraid that there are no backyard bbqs or pool parties happening here today.  But that’s okay with me.  I think it is the perfect weather for what I’m celebrating today.Which is, the passing of my Good Girl and by that I mean the part of me that was so desperate to please everyone else and get everything just right that I almost sacrificed my whole life in service of someone else’s dreams!  I mean, it wasn’t my dream to spend eighteen years working in the electric industry and, yet, I did.  And I was great at it!  I kept getting promoted and they kept giving me more money so I just thought that I was doing what I was supposed to be doing.In truth, really, for all those years maybe I was.  I probably was not ready for the life I am living today, which literally still blows my mind on pretty much a daily basis.  And my Good Girl still likes to get herself all riled up occasionally.  Like yesterday, I had been on the verge of finally purchasing my planet tickets to Paris for weeks.  But I just couldn’t get myself to click PURCHASE NOW.I knew that I had to go for the business certification program that I am in.  I knew that I wanted to go because I’ve never been and because…IT’S FREAKING PARIS!  But I also purchased plane tickets to Mexico earlier this week for my annual yoga retreat, which I didn’t think I was going to go on because I am going to Paris later that same month.  Who gets to go to Mexico and Paris in the same month?  I mean, certainly not me.  Little old Jenni who hails from West Texas and was raised by a single mom certainly would never get to go to Mexico and Paris in the same month.And, yet…I kept thinking about one of those proverbial life coachisms that we were taught in coaching school.  You know the ones like:  “Are you available for my feedback on that?  And, if you thought you knew the answer, what would it be?”  The one I kept thinking of was “up until now.”Anytime a client tells you, “That’s just not me” or “I just don’t do that,” you look them in the eyes and say, “Up until now.”  That was the edge that I had come to in my own life.  I don’t get to go to Disneyland in May, Mexico and Paris in June and Colorado and New York in July.  I just don’t do that…UP UNTIL NOW.As it turns out, I DO do that.  And with the support of my mastermind partner, I finally was able to overcome my rule following and oh so oppressive Good Girl and click PURCHASE NOW.  Because this is my one, precious life and nobody gets to decide the rules I will live by except for the wild, beautiful badass that is the Real Me – the one that knows her strength, speaks her truth, faces her fears and frees her own heart.SO, look out City of Lights because HERE I COME!  And I would ask you to consider where is your own need to please at all costs Good Girl holding you back?  What great thing are you putting off because you just can’t wrap your brain around the fact that it is really meant for you?Whatever it is…know that you, too, are worth it.  Know that what God wants for you is the same that you want for yourself.  Know that your desires are not selfish.  They are divine clues of your greater calling.  If you just had the courage to listen.This is your one life.  Go ahead…click PURCHASE NOW…I dare you.xoxo, Jenni B