When I was a little girl, I think I dreamed of becoming LOTS of things:  a ballerina, a teacher, a writer, a mom…Notice that slaving away at a corporate job did not appear in there anywhere.  I doubt that it did for you either.

Whatever your dreams were, you have start thinking of them as clues. Imagine your ten years old again and hanging out with Scooby Doo and the gang. All those desires and dreams that you had to write or sing or dance or see your name in lights – they are all clues to your True Calling.

I know that may seem crazy because we typically have all those desires essentially brainwashed out of us by the time we graduate from high school.  I am here to tell you, however, that those desires are the reasons you were born!

The Universe loves us and wants us to be happy.  It wants – no needs  us – to be our glorious, unique and authentic selves.  Because absolutely no one else can be you!  I’m sure that you’ve likely heard it all before but have you really listened?  And applied that concept to what it is that you are supposed to be doing with your life?  That it actually applies to your VOCATION?

Isn’t that a GREAT word?!  I just love it!  It comes from the Latin word vox, which means voice or vocare, which means to call.  Our vocation is our calling.  It is that tiny voice inside of us that always knows what’s best for us.  It tell us what we are meant to be doing with our lives – in every moment, if we just stop and listen.

I’m offering a free training, this Friday, July 11 on The Seven Habits of a Highly Fulfilled Woman is a giant step towards your vocation…towards answering the call from your own heart.

You can register for this free training HERE.  If you can’t be there live, I will be sharing the reply with everyone who signs up.  AND, of course, there will be a BONUS!

Be very proud of yourself.  You are a rock star already and the best is yet to come. xoxo, Jenni B

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