We often underestimate the impact that our lives have on the ones we love…Especially when it’s positive.

For example, George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life. Oh, how I LOVE that movie.. I don’t care how many times I’ve seen it.  I always cry like a baby in the scene where George finally kisses Mary and, at the end, when all the people whose lives George has changed for the better…come piling into his and Mary’s broken down home to show their gratitude and love.Of course, George was completely surprised because he had underestimated his own value and the impact he’d on the world. Doesn’t that ring true for many of us?All we see are the failures and the shortcomings.  Or, in my case, I still often feel guilty for leaving the safety and security of m corporate job to pursue my dreams.  I know with every bone in my body that it is my True Calling to be  life coach, but as a mom…as a wife…of course, I still struggle with feeling selfish…and with the guilt.

And then…something like this happens.

One of my two younger sisters puts this post on Facebook.  And I am blown away.  Both of my sisters were huge drivers for me getting my life together – just a little over a year ago!  I knew that I had to become a woman that they could look up to and admire.  Otherwise known as, the woman I was born to be.So, if you are out there and you know in your heart that this in your time….if you are feeling the desire to Find Your True Calling – DO NOT let the fear of being selfish or feeling guilty stop you.  Your loves ones need you to be you.  They are looking to be inspired.  Who else can step up and show them, if not you?
This is your time, my love.  You know it. Stop waiting.  Stop being afraid.  Go for your dreams in a big, big way.xoxo, Jenni B