What’s the Matter? Are you scared? Of What? Failing? Looking like a fool? Of finally taking that big leap and falling flat on your face?

Girlfriend, I know exactly how you feel. First of all, because I literally fell flat on my face over the weekend while rushing across a stage to snap a picture of my 11-year son riding a horse.  As much as I like to share self-deprecating stories, I’m not actually going to talk about that one.
Instead, I’d like to talk about someone else who is never afraid to put himself at the butt of his own jokes… my most favorite, singer/songwriter of all time… Jeff Tweedy.For those who don’t recognize the name, he’s the lead singer of a band called Wilco.  And for those who don’t recognize that name, well, I’m sorry but you’ll just have to trust me.  They are awesome.  I have literally flown across this great nation and to Vancouver just to see them play.  I talked a little bit about my love for them in a previous post called One Wing.My favorite show was actually a solo show that my husband and I saw last year in Denver.  Usually, Jeff Tweedy tours with Wilco and it is a pretty big production with a whole lot going on to compliment Jeff Tweedy’s incredible lyrics.  It’s easy for Jeff to kind of hide amongst the drums and the guitars and what often just sounds like pure cacophony.Not in a solo show, however.  Wilco is taking a break from touring and Jeff had hit the road for a solo, acoustic tour… all by his lonesome.  The show that my husband and I had the EXTREME pleasure of witnessing was just the very second gig of the whole tour.  What we were able to witness that night was truly a musical, lyrical gift.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that I feel blessed to be able to have been there.Was it beautiful?  Was his solo, acoustic guitar transcendent?  Was it possibly the best show I have ever seen? Yes, Yes, and Yes.Was it perfect?  Not. Even. Close.  But that’s what made it great.  It was obvious from the start to everybody there that Jeff Tweedy was pretty much scared to death and nervous as hell to be out there on stage all by himself.He forgot chords.  He screwed up the lyrics.  He abandoned one song after getting only half way through.Did anyone in the audience care?  Not for a second.  And that’s my message for today.  It’s okay to fail!  To fail is human!  That’s just part of this whole, crazy beautiful life that we get to lead just ONE TIME!  Don’t let fear of failing keep you from going for your dreams!EVERYONE  has fears of inadequacy.  EVERYONE.  Underneath the fear of inadequacy, lies the fear of the unknown.  I get it.  I’ve been there.  I know exactly how you feel.  But you have to look fear in the eye… gaze straight into the unknown and GO FOR IT ANYWAY because the life you are currently living has become intolerable.You were born for greatness, baby.  Don’t let anyone… even your own self keep you down!  As Jeff Tweedy says, “You have to learn how to die, if you want to be alive.”

xoxo, Jenni B