Looking outside ourselves for permission seems to be a recurring theme for my clients (and me) right now.  We all seem to be looking for permission to either have or do or say something that’s missing from their life. It’s like we are all being asked by the Universe, “What do you REALLY want?  Are you SURE? If I really give you all that you’re asking for, can you take it?”How much love?  How much success?  How much freedom are we really all equipped to handle?  Or are we just asking for TOO MUCH?  Should we just be happy with what we have?  The corporate job that pays the bills but leaves you unfulfilled… the lackluster marriage where you’ve basically become roommates… or even some tedious combination of BOTH?I get this question A LOT.  “Should I just be happy with good enough?”  My answer is usually in the form of a question (because that’s what us life coaches just love to do) that sounds something like, “Well, is it enough?” or “What does your heart tell you?”MOST of the time, the response is a resounding No – HELL NO even – which brings me to the password for today:  PERMISSION.Why do we need permission to want what we want?  How have we gotten the message that our desires (a.k.a. the longings of our hearts) are ever BAD?  When did we and why did we ever allow that to happen?Not that it really matters why because THIS EMAIL… this OM In Your Inbox is your “official” permission slip.  You now have permission to want what you want and to STOP freaking chastising and bullying and punishing yourself for just trying to do the very best that you can for yourself.You are a superstar.  You are a badass.  You, my love, are also human with all the frailties and trappings that come along with that ride.  So, stop living in the fear that you want too much and GO FOR IT.  This is the only life you’ve got.My only word of caution is be gentle with the ones you love and the ones who love you.  They are also just looking to want what they want, too.Oh, and brace yourself… because once you get clear about what you want and are so bold as to ask the Universe for it… IT’S COMING and bringing with it more awesomeness and more power and more love than you ever dreamt was possible.  FOR YOU.

Until next time…OWN IT, SISTAH!


xoxo, Jenni B