While I cannot claim to have come up with this theory about The Five Lies, I was so blown away by its power and simplicity that I have been literally sharing with everyone I know – friends, family and clients.The idea actually came from my 12-step sponsor, Tracey, and it suggests that whenever we find ourselves in pain or fear or doubt it is because we have chosen to believe one of the following five lies: 

Lie #1:  There’s Something Wrong with Me

Lie #2: I Am Not Enough

Lie #3: It’s Gonna Be Bad

Lie #4:  It’s Gonna Hurt

Lie #5: I’m Going To Be Alone

 If you’re like me (or the others I’ve shared this with), you might be feeling slightly stunned by now.  It’s as if she took centuries of self-help philosophy and boiled it all down into five, simple statements.  I mean, really!In any given moment, you might discover that you have, of your own volition, chosen to believe one of these whoppers!  Like me, you probably have your own personal hit parade of favorites.  Mine are definitely #3 (It’s Gonna Be Bad) and #5 (I’m Going to Be Alone).The beauty, of course, is now that we have this simple tool we can rely on it when we are worried or afraid by just asking ourselves, “Okay, which one am I believing now?”  And begin to remind ourselves of the truth, which is typically the EXACT OPPOSITE of the lie.  For good measure,  let’s lay those out, too! 

Truth #1:  There’s Absolutely Nothing Wrong With Me

Truth #2:  I Am More Than Enough

Truth #3:  It’s Going to Be Great

Truth #4:  It’s Going to Feel Amazing

Truth #5:  I Am Going to be Surrounded By Those I Love



I feel better already, don’t you?

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Until next time…

xoxoxo, Jenni B