For many years, I coasted through my life on good enough.  Good grades came easy to me.  I rarely had to study.  My teachers always knew how smart I was and so often cut me slack whether or not I deserved it.I carried the same principle forward into my career and it got me promoted often.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that I didn’t often work hard or that I didn’t deserve it.  It’s just that for most of my life I have always felt like I was on the edge of greatness.It’s like I can always see what my life would be like if I could actually get my sh!t together.  And it would be so great!In my corporate job, I always had these grand ideas for being proactive and staying ahead of the curve but the curve always seemed to sneak up on somehow and before I knew it…I would be scrambling around at the last minute… trying to crank out the report or the meeting prep notes just minutes before the call scheduled to review them.I hope this is making sense and I promise there is a point, which is this:  I’ve been preaching to you all about not settling for good enough.  I am always asking your to ask yourselves, “How are you settling in your life?” And, “How good can you let your life get?”This morning I was just about to meditate with Deepak and Oprah when a realization hit me:  “How was I settling for good enough within myself?”Meaning, all my life, I have skated by on just good enough.  But what would have happened if I actually gone for extraordinary?And, now, that I’ve quit my corporate job in order to start my own business, that question becomes less rhetorical and downright critical.If I want a life that’s more than just good enough, I have to BE more than good enough.  If I want an extraordinary life, then I have to BE extraordinary.  And I’m not asking myself for anything more than I know that I am capable of.  I know that I am smart, creative and powerful beyond measure.  However, I have always allowed myself to skate by on less.But as the CEO and the holder of ultimate accountability for my business – it is time to push myself.  It is time to ask myself to do more.  To BE more.And not in a “let’s blow out Jenni’s adrenals” or “everything I produce has to perfect” but just in asking myself to do all that I know I am capable of.  I want to close my eyes at the end of this life and know that I’ve left NOTHING on table.Because not only do I deserve and desire an extraordinary life but because I AM extraordinary.  Allowing myself to skate by on anything less would be a crime – to you, to my clients, to my family and, most importantly, to myself.Therefore,  I promise to be all that I can be: consistent, organized, aligned and ON PURPOSE.What do you say, dear reader?  I double dog dare you to do it, too.Until next time…let’s what magic we can create!I_0125     

xoxo, Jenni B

Life Strategy Coach for Corporate Women