Screenshot 2015-02-19 18.03.34I held a New Moon Circle last night!  I had ten spectacular women over to my house and we all brought food and shared laughter around the table.  Then we moved in to my studio for some sacred circle time.We talked about the significance of the evening and how it was great time to “roto rooter” out any remaining negative B.S. that we needed to let go of in order to move forward.There were tears.  There was laughter.  There was so much love.  Do you make time to connect with other women in your life?Women have been gathering together under the moon for centuries.  It’s only our overly complicated lives that we have allowed that precious time to slip away from us.  Now we are lucky to squeeze in phone call while in the car on the way to work or soccer practice.We need each other, ladies.  NEED.  We are all moving through our live at such a fast pace these days that we barely take a moment to breathe let alone allow ourselves to FEEL.One of the women in my group recently lost her father and she shared how grateful she was to have a place to express her grief.  The rest of our lives have seem to become this “no more tears” zone because our emotions have somehow become stigmatized as inappropriate or (even worse) weak.Allowing yourself to feel and express your pain is ever so far from weak.  Opening up your heart and being vulnerable is perhaps the greatest act of courage there is.  But in order to do so – you need a safe place to land.  You need other, likeminded, raw, real and ready to open up WOMEN.Just a few short years ago, I had no such women in my life.  I was isolated.  I was drinking.  I was stressed out and miserable.  I was consumed by all those mean voices in my head that loved to tell me all about how I wasn’t skinny enough or pretty enough or smart enough.  The voices that pushed me to work harder and harder in order to feel good about myself.  I was drowning.  I need a lifeline.  I need a community.  I needed friends.I needed the experience I had while on a weekend yoga retreat.  During the weekend, I thought to myself that “somebody” ought to organize a regular gathering of these women for a potluck dinner.  Thank heavens I got the clue that “somebody” was me!So, I sent out an invitation to about 30 women whom I barely knew.  I invited them to come to my house for a “goddess potluck.”  And you know what? THEY CAME!.  And they have kept coming back whenever I invite for close to two years now!If you want a community, create one.  If you are lonely, phone a friend.  If you feel like you are drowning in all those mean voices in your head, post on Facebook! There are circles of women everywhere.  In your office, at your kid’s daycare or at your yoga studio.  If you invite them, they will come.