shutterstock_352291811From this day forward, I do hereby lovingly swear an oath of allegiance to my own authentic self.I no longer settle for anything less than my heart and soul’s desires.I am only available for healthy, loving and respectful relationships.I no longer allow those who dwell in darkness to use my essence as their source of light.I practice the art of radical self-acceptance and only hold space for those willing and capable of doing the same for me.I no longer dim my light to make others comfortable. I open up my home and heart in service of my sisters everywhere and the divine feminine. I no long allow the distorted masculine to creep its way into my home or heart. I forgive myself for what I could not see before the light came on. I no longer put compassion for others before my own safety. I am from this day forward the sovereign queen of my own home and heart. I am the love of my own life and commit to 2016 as the year that I am the partner that I always wanted for myself. I claim and declare all these statements to be true. I will not fall back asleep. I chose the truth over comfort and deception. From this day, January 1, 2016, I am lovingly, compassionately, defiantly, faithfully awake.

In love with myself with my whole heart, Jenni Bevill