shutterstock_126974837If you have been on my list or following me on Facebook for a while, then you might remember how I used to talk about how important it was to find “Your True Calling.”  I was advocating that you quit your corporate job so that you can follow your passion and that was the only way that you could truly be fulfilled.Yep.  That’s right.  I wanted you to quit your cushy, corporate, soul-sucking job so that you could free fall into entrepreneurship with all the uncertainty and chaos that choice brings.  I wanted you to do that because that’s what I had done.And I was terrified shitless that I was wrong.I had done so because that’s what other teachers and coaches had told me that I had to do.  I had been led to believe that we all have this one special gift and that the most important thing in life was to figure out what that one thing was and monetize so that we could quit our corporate jobs and finally live the life of never ending bliss that we were meant to.  You know…follow your bliss and all.  Right?I can now safely say that, in fact, I had it all wrong.I had it all wrong because I was still operating under the completely misguided assumption that how we choose to earn money to support ourselves and our families actually defines who we are as a person.How I choose to pay my bills does not determine my worth as a person. Moreover, that assumption actually belittles what each of our true callings actually is!Which is to show up and do the work of just being our unique, authentic, weird, imperfect, irrational, shadowy, light-filled selves.  Let me tell you that is freaking hard enough without adding onto it this idea that there is only one thing on earth that we are here to do!Hardly a minute of our day goes by that we are not asked to compromise ourselves or our integrity or silence our own voices in some way.  Whether at work or among friends or even in our closest relationships, the Universe is always giving us the opportunity to say YES to being ourselves and to fully being alive.Your true calling is you.  100%.  No holding back. No trying to fit in or making anyone comfortable by being less than you.  It is work.  Your great work.Not to say that we don’t each have special gifts or talents because I personally believe that we all do.  However, not all of them are that obvious or meant to be monetized.  How many dreams or great ideas have you abandoned or ignored because you knew you couldn’t make money at it?  What if that didn’t matter?  What if you did it anyway?But, again, what if your great work had nothing to do with any of that?  What if your great work was learning to set boundaries with your family?  What if your great work was leaving that toxic relationship?  What if your great work was getting out of bed every day and taking care of your children? What if your great work was learning to say NO and to putting your own needs first?Because, guess what?  I think it is!  I’ll say it again.  Your true calling…is you.