sunrise       I can feel itcan you feel it?the trembling andthe quake?hands shaking as theeyes they open

people my womenme are waking upto the truthto the powerto the constant senseof not enoughnessto being judgedto being threatenedto being emotionallyphysically andsexually abused wiithouteven know what wasgoing onyou are not crazyyou are not too sensitiveyou are not controllingyou are not too needyor co-dependentyou are not asking for too muchyou do not need to wearmore makeup orprettier clothes orlose ten lbs orchange your hairyou are we are waking upand the newness is rawand terrifying and makesus look at the world in a wholenew way. don’t stop.don’t blink.”this is not really happeningyou bet your life it is”it’s okay for you to scream nowthat would be an entirelyappropraite and rationalresponse in fact go aheadand ROAR.