If you’ve recently come out of a toxic relationship, you may feel used to settling and feeling hopeless. I sure did. How I felt and thought about myself in my previous relationships breaks my heart. I was so impacted by someone not choosing me over and over again.

My ex chose addiction and infidelity every single time, and it was heartbreaking. If that’s where you are, I feel you. You’re not crazy; you’re not delusional.

No matter what has happened, who you’ve hurt, or who’s hurt you, you can change your life.

You can turn it around.

You can make different choices.

You can have a big, beautiful, audacious, healthy, beautiful life.

Here are three fundamental things for finding hope and love again. These were keys to me changing my life, turning it around and making different choices.

1. Self-reflection.

You must develop a non-judgmental, self-compassionate way of looking at how you’ve shown up in relationships. Once you can see yourself more clearly, you start to see your tendencies and patterns, free of judgment.That gives you the wisdom to make different choices.

2. Killer boundaries in all your relationships.

Boundaries aren’t sexy, but they’re how you learn to trust yourself AND someone else again. I got clear about who I wanted to be in a relationship, my values, and where I would not settle. Boundaries prevent settling. I needed to be loved, protected, and cherished before I would share my physical self, my sexual self, with anybody else.

3. An abundance mindset.

I know this is sort of cheesy — manifestation and law of attraction and all that stuff. You may be sick of talking about it. Still, we have to believe it’s possible to attract our heart’s desire. There are good men and women out there who are capable of loving and cherishing you.

You can have the life and love you’ve always wanted.

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