Whenever I meet with a client for the first time, I always ask, “How do you want to feel a year from now?” What they almost always say they want is…


Peace. I want to feel peace.
I want to stop thinking about his betrayal and my marriage.
I want to have certainty about the decisions that I’ve made.”


I mean, we all want that, right? Here’s the thing…we’ve been taught by so many of our spiritual practices that we need to surrender. We are taught to admit that we are powerless and that we have to learn let go and have faith. However, what I have found to be true for betrayed women is that…




Even though I discovered my ex’s sex addiction in 2012, I wasn’t ready to deal with it until a third discovery in 2015. It was another year before I actually filed for divorce, and then another year for it to be finalized.


But even after I was divorced, I kept going back to him again and again. Finally, one day I reached this moment where I heard the voice of God/ Goddess/ Universe/ my own Inner Wisdom that said to me,


“What the fuck are you doing?! You deserve more than this.”


That was the definitive moment for me when I knew that I needed to move on with my life, and that the work I needed to focus on now was all about me.


I finally admitted to myself that until I did the work to reclaim my own power and reconnect with myself, I was never going to find peace.


Over the next several months, these are Six Steps I took that brought me peace and the beyond-my-wildest-dreams life I live today.


1) I nurtured my Somatic Resilience
I did this by setting boundaries with myself and learning to care for my own nervous system.


2) I uncovered my “Essensual” Self
I spent time identifying my core values and reflecting on what it meant, for me, to be a woman.


3) I unpacked my Relational Pattern
I looked at the history of how I’ve showed up in all my relationships and learned how to shift unhealthy patterns.


4) I reconnected with Play and Pleasure
I started to get back in touch with my inner child and with the things I loved to do as a little girl.


5) I reclaimed my Comeback Story
I learned how to shift my story from one of victimization to one of triumph.


6) I began to Dream and Envision a New Future
I gave myself permission to dream about the life I wanted to create.


That transformative work that I did for me is now the core of the 6-month Beauty After Betrayalâ„¢ private coaching program.


This program has been full since the beginning of summer, but I am opening it up again for four amazing people who are ready to reclaim their power, find inner peace, and go through these six steps in a loving and safe container with me.


Six months. You and me. Reclaiming your power.
Finding your peace.


If you see me on social media and think to yourself, “I want to feel like her! I want to feel joyful, and radiant, and HAPPY too!”this work is how I got here.


Are you ready to reclaim your power?
Are you ready to find your peace?


Click the link below to read all about the program and schedule a free 30-minute consultation with me to discover if this program is the right fit for you.


P.S. This is the last time I’m going to be offering this particular private coaching program!! Starting in 2022, I will be making changes to how my programs are offered. So if you’ve been thinking about doing this, NOW IS THE TIME.


You deserve peace. You deserve joy. You deserve MORE.


Beauty After Betrayalâ„¢
A 6-Month Journey of Reclaiming and Rediscovering You