I just had an initial consultation with a new client who is snatching up one of the last spots in my private coaching program. She said the most fantastic, soul-affirming thing to me, which was,

“The thing about you Jenni, that’s different…”

(Let’s be clear. I LOVE to hear how I am different!)

“…you’re telling me it’s okay to have the audacity to live a wonderful life after betrayal.” 

Those words have never come out of my mouth, but they 100% capture the essence of what I believe I’m here to do in this world.

Looking back, it’s how I lived my life. When I found myself in my mid-40s, divorced for the third time, I could’ve just settled. I could’ve said, “You know what? Maybe this is all my chances. Maybe this is what I get.”

Then I rejected that thought, and changed my thinking. “No, I don’t believe that that’s all that’s left for me. I am a hopeful romantic. I still get to have a big, beautiful, wonderful life, even after everything I’ve been through.”

I’m a life coach for women who dare to live a bold, beautiful, sexy life after betrayal.

We can take everything we’ve been through and alchemize it, turn it into gold, and use it to become the woman we’re born to be– to find our audacity.

When you’ve walked through fire, you learn to just say, “Fuck it. I’m going to live my life now. I’m going to be me.” Because the consequences of not doing it are enormous.

If you’re ready to have the audacity to live an extraordinary life after betrayal, I’m here for you. I am so down for that. I am your cheerleader, coach, spiritual director, and your guide to getting to that wisdom that’s inside of you.

She’s right there, ready to come out.

Be audacious.

Break the rules.

This is your life, sister.

You’ve been through hell. You get to enjoy the good life now.