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Dear Beauty,
Right now, sister, you are living upside down. Meaning, you are living in your head instead of living in your body.  Now, for many years and in many ways, this has served you very well.  It's part of what has made you a highly successful,  emotionally intelligent woman.

However, in other ways, it is costing you dearly.  When we are just living in our heads, and disconnected from our bodies, we are unable to fully receive pleasure, which is experienced through our bodies.

Also, you are not to blame for living in your head.  There are so many reasons why we (especially women) have been taught to disconnect from and even have disdain for our beautiful bodies.  Here are just a few...

Pesky Philosophers:

Ancient (male) philosophers taught us “I think therefore I am.”  This is total B.S. Science has taught us that there is way more information flowing up from our bodies than vice versa.  Hence, why you are living upside down.

Previous Life Experiences:

Yes, I’m talking about trauma. I believe that almost all women - certainly every woman I know - has had one or more life experiences that have violated their bodies (and safety) in one or more ways.  Whether it's harassment, assault, abuse or betrayal - your relationship with your body has been disconnected.

The Patriarchy:

As long as we are disconnected from our bodies, not only are we unable to embody and experience pleasure,  we are also disconnected from our power, our intuition, our divinity.

So, join me for the Remembering Your Body masterclass. Because it is only when we are living in our bodies that we can open up ourselves to receive all the pleasure we can stand and truly learn to live a Pleasure Full life.
P.S. I totally get that signing up for a masterclass about women's bodies and pleasure may be a little bit out of your comfort zone.  I hear you.  I see you.  I feel you.  AND — let’s be honest — your comfort zone is not really that comfortable.  It’s dry, cold and maybe even a little bit lonely at times.  I am here to push you out of it!  I also promise that creating a safe container is my top priority.  Always,
About Jenni
Jenni Rochelle is leading a movement for women with the audacity to embrace their right to big love and a healthy beautiful life.

Jenni is a thought leader in the field of betrayal trauma and has impacted the lives of thousands of women through her coaching programs and the Beauty After Betrayal™ podcast.

Inspired by her clients and informed by her own journey, Jenni’s work is focused on mentoring high-achieving, emotionally intelligent women to get out of their heads and into their bodies, so they can change their relationship to pleasure, sex and power.

Jenni is also a poet, a wife, a boy mom and a mystic who loves butter, coffee, bacon, traveling and pugs. She is happily and healthfully married and having the hottest sex and longest orgasms of her life - at 50.
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