There’s so much value in understanding how we show up in our relationships. It begins with understanding boundaries….I know, I even just hate saying the word boundaries—but they’re so important.

Boundaries are essential, and the MOST important ones are those you set with yourself.

  • Saying no to lunch with a coworker because you always feel drained after spending time with her.
  • Turning your phone off at the end of the day
  • Taking time to exercise or to take a walk each morning before work
  • Committing to daily yoga, journaling, or meditation practice

These are our everyday boundaries–the little ways we show up for ourselves and reclaim our power. When you couple your highest values with boundaries, you get empowered inner beauty.

Boundaries + Values = Self-Love & Self-Commitment

Every Sunday, I do my “Beauty After Betrayal” show on Instagram and Facebook. Sometimes I’d like to take a nap, have brunch or go for a walk, but I always show up. I show up because I’m committed to me…and to you. That’s my boundary.

My boundary is to be consistent and committed to what I value in my business, message, and mission in the world–helping women heal, find their inner beauty, and reclaim their power.

My commitment to Beauty After Betrayal is rooted in my values.

I value healing.

I value authentic expression.

I value creative connection.

I know what my core values are. If you don’t know and you’re ready to figure it out, it’s one of the first things I do with private coaching clients. First, we look at boundaries, then values.

My true passion is helping women reignite the fire inside themselves to reclaim their power and rediscover their own inner beauty. By setting boundaries with yourself and your relationships, combined with knowing your core values, you begin to understand and trust yourself. You know who you are as a woman and what you want–in all your relationships.

Boundaries show the universe you will no longer settle for anything less than your heart’s desires. If you are ready for that kind of inner beauty, then maybe my six-month private coaching program is for you.

I have space for just ONE BEAUTIFUL SOUL to say yes to being the love of her life this month. Listen, I know that although you have been thinking about working with me, you are also scared. It’s okay to be scared! I was when I finally said yes to doing this transformative work but I was determined to NOT let my ex’s betrayal become the story that defined me.

I was hellbent on not staying stuck or turning into the woman who never recovered and just grew more bitter over time. I chose to believe in me and I chose to believe in love. I chose to believe that my “happily ever after” was still possible – and that it didn’t really have anything to do with finding another man – although I did!

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xoxo, Jenni