I believe that we are on this planet to be the fullest expression of ourselves that we can possibly be. We are here to know and love ourselves, and to know and love others. Most of us long for a safe, loving and supportive relationship where we do just that. For many of us, however, we struggle to make that happen.

In order to manifest our dream partnership, we must first learn how to break the cycle of “bad” relationships.

If you’re anything like me, you have found yourself cycling through a pattern of just such relationships. Also like me, I make up that you have done SO MUCH work on your family of origin, attachment style and abandonment issues.

So much work, in fact, that you started dating again and even met someone who seemed like you’d finally found a good one. After a few years or even decades, however, you discovered that he was not a good one.

You discovered that he’d been lying to you for years.

Now you’re afraid to trust yourself again because you were so sure that he was the one. You feel stuck because you can’t understand what you did wrong.

I get it! I was so right where you are just a few years ago. That’s why I’ve been wrestling so hard lately with WHY we are attracted to “bad” men in the first place. This week – while I was running in the woods – I had a huge epiphany:

I think it has everything to do with our own repressed sexuality.

As long as we’re walking around with an unhealthy shameful view about sex (and our bodies), we’re going to continue to be attracted to someone who we unconsciously believe will let us express our sexual selves…our shameful, “bad” side.

We receive mixed messages about sex, especially as women.
And I think we’re still ashamed.

That’s why we have to do the work to reconnect with our own beautiful sexy bodies and our own unique expression of our individual sexuality. We have to embrace that everybody and every body is different!

We also have to get past the Five Negative Beliefs. We may not even know that we have them and yet they are negatively impacting our relationships and our sex lives. They are…

Negative Belief #1: Sex is Secret

Negative Belief #2: Sex is a Commodity

Negative Belief #3: Sex is Uncontrollable

Negative Belief #4: Sex Has No Moral Bounds

Negative Belief #5: Sex is Hurtful

Here’s the thing – you likely already held one or more of these beliefs before you were betrayed. Your betrayal has almost surely made them worse. Because of that betrayal, you are even further disconnected from your own sexuality…your own sacred body.

Do you want to understand which of these five beliefs are impacting YOU?

Do you want to shift how you’re showing up in relationships and learn to create healthy ones?

That’s why I created Your Big Sexy Comeback.

Learn which negative beliefs you’re carrying around with you.
Learn how to shift and heal them.

Learn how to connect with your own body and heal your own sexuality so that you can express it safely and with consent.

That’s how you break the cycle of bad relationships.

Your Big Sexy Comeback is my 8-week private group membership women healing from betrayal trauma and ready for big love, great sex and a healthy, beautiful life!

In order to create a safe and cozy container, I limited the space to 10 women.

There is only ONE spot left. Is it yours?

Click the big red button below to read all about it and register immediately, or set up a time to chat with me first. We start on October 6th so there’s no time to waste!

I hope to see you in YOUR Big Sexy Comeback.