Have you heard the buzz? The whispers? The secret?

Last week during my masterclass on “How to Create Everyday Intimacy,” I teased that I am opening up an entirely new (and affordable) way to work with me!  It’s true!

You are cordially and lovingly invited to join my newest community:
The Pleasure Seekers Sisterhood.


Unlike any community you’ve likely experienced before, the Pleasure Seekers is a sweet, soulful sisterhood where each and every one of us is devoted to fully embodying a life filled with beauty, pleasure, desire, and intimacy.

This world has often felt designed to keep women disconnected from our true selves, our bodies, and – for damn sure – our pleasure.

You know how I feel about that – YOU ARE WORTHY OF MORE!

More intimacy, more desire, more pleasure, and more great sex!

Maybe you are one of those few, rare women who already seem to have all the pleasure and intimacy they’ve ever wanted.  Well here’s a truth bomb – I don’t!  YET.

Yes, I have an incredible life. AND I have such a life because I choose to be devoted to intimacy, desire and pleasure.  AND I still want MORE!

That’s why I’m creating the sisterhood that I am craving -and you are too!  One where intimacy and desire are our guiding principles and pleasure is our north star.

I am still working out all the details for the exact structure and content (you know, all those masculine details – ha!).

What I can tell you is that every month, I will be teaching a free, high-level masterclass in the A Pleasure Full Life Facebook group.  This free class will be a taste test for what we will dive deep into that month in the Pleasure Seekers.

The masterclass is where you learn more about a particular topic.
The Pleasure Seekers is where you learn to LIVE it.

I can also tell you that you will have the option to enroll for three, six, or twelve months at a time. Every month will be devoted to exploring our relationship with one or all of the following – ourselves, our bodies, our beloveds.


Just to get your juices flowing, here’s are some of the topics we will cover:

Everyday Pleasure Practices
Starting Over After ______ (Fill In The Blank)

Why We Love Bad Boys (And How to Stop)
The Secret to Intergalactic Orgasms
Keeping Desire Alive For The Long Haul
It’s Not You, It’s Your Attachment Style
Boundaries Are Sexy AF
How to Be the Love Of Your Life


Here are all the tangible goodies:

  • Weekly, 90-minute group mentoring sessions
  • One, 60-minute private coaching session per month
  • Lifetime Access to all masterclasses and session recordings


Here are the intangible benefits:

  • Sweet soulful sisterhood devoted to you living a pleasure full life
  • Fully embodying and believing that you are worthy of MORE
  • Skills to create conscious, intimate connections with your loved ones
  • Deeper connection with, and appreciation for, your beautiful body
  • Greater awareness and understanding of your own sweet self
Doors are unofficially open to YOU now 🙂 


Doors will officially open on May 5th after the monthly A Pleasure Full Life Masterclass “Starting Over After ______ (Fill In The Blank).” We officially embark together in mid-May. Superfast action takers will have input on the exact day and time!

My goal to is create an affordable and still fucking awesome way for you to work with me!  That’s why your investment breaks down like this –

  • Choose a 3-month commitment for $1800 or $600/mo
  • Choose a 6-month commitment for $3300 or $550/mo
  • Choose a 12-month commitment for $6000 or $500/mo

Regardless of what your relationship status currently is, there is a place in this sisterhood for you.  Whether you are married, single, or anywhere and anything in between – the life you are truly craving begins with you making the commitment to be devoted to your own relationship to pleasure, desire, intimacy, and sex.


Tell me, Sister, are you in??