Next Tuesday, March 8 is International Women’s Day.

A day where we celebrate ALL women around the world.

And even though we deserve to be celebrated every single day of the year, it’s also pretty awesome to have a day dedicated to honoring and celebrating our womanhood and our sisterhood.

One of my sisters, Carin Rockind, and her company PurposeGirl, puts on the world’s largest virtual all-day event to inspire, elevate, empower, support, and honor women around the world. She and her team spend countless hours every year planning and executing this incredible online event.

And she offers it completely for FREE.

The theme this year is “Say It Sister”. So Sister, I’m going to say it!

I will share some things that she told me is giving her extra motivation to ensure that all women have free access to big speakers, motivation, purpose, joy, movement, and more with The Women’s Day Event.

Did you know that:

  • The gender wage gap is estimated to take 267 years to close?
  • Women are paid approximately 80 cents to every man’s dollar (and even less for women of color)?
  • Women are 2x more likely than men to lose their jobs?
  • Women are 2x more likely than men to feel depressed?
  • The invisible labor of motherhood and womanhood is taking its toll on women now more than ever?


Carin has gathered more than 20 badass female presenters to make this year’s event the best one yet. And I am so fortunate to be one of them.

I’ll be speaking on Your Big Sexy Comeback and Everyday Intimacy at 1:30 pm CST during the event.

I CAN’T WAIT!! It’s going to be amazing.

Whether you attend just one session, or all of them, or purchase the all-access pass so you can watch them all later… I hope you take advantage of this special offering.

You deserve this day.

You deserve to be inspired, uplifted, empowered, supported, heard and loved.

You deserve to listen, and learn, and dance, and laugh, and cry, and revel in the spirit of sisterhood that will surround you.

I will be celebrating you next Tuesday. I hope you’ll be celebrating you too.