Are you daring bravely to date again?  If so, Sister, this one is for you!

I have both clients and friends who are dipping their toes back into the dating pool these days, and it has reminded me what a roller coaster it can be – both exhilarating AND terrifying!

Today I’m going to share with you my TOP 5 Bits of Wisdom for all of you out there who are either on the roller coaster now or considering climbing aboard (pun intended – wink wink!)


1. Understand your Relational Pattern.
We all have a pattern in terms of who we’re attracted to and how we show up in relationships. Knowing yours can help you make different choices.

2. Know your limits in terms of sex.
Having clear boundaries regarding sex can help you a) feel safe, b) spot red flags, and c) keep you from confusing intensity for intimacy.

3. You have to deal with your shit around sex.
There are five negative beliefs about sex that we all have one or more of. Until you know what yours are, they are going to be running the show in your love life.

4. Your nervous system is going to freak out.
All that work you did with your therapist was like a training simulation. Even seems like fun on the first few dates. Once you meet someone you actually like – who could hurt you – that’s when shit gets real.

5. Nice is not an upgrade.
Raise the bar in terms of how you deserve to be treated. This is not the time to settle. Get clear on your core values and let them be the filter for all your dating decisions.


You may be thinking to yourself, “Ok, this is great advice Jenni, but how do I unpack all of these things, and then apply them in my real-life dating situations?”  EXACTLY.

You really need unbiased, experienced support for this process.


You will get triggered.

You will struggle to trust yourself.

You will make mistakes (because we all do) and need someone who never judges you for them.


Ahem. That’s me. I’m that someone.

Coaching you on dating again is my JAM.

Relational Patterns, Boundaries, Sexuality, Values, and Nervous Systems are my legit superpowers.

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