First, starting today, the LoveLetter will be finding its way to you on Tuesdays.  I think this will just work better for both of us.  Second, this has been an intense week for me!

On Tuesday, I led a workshop here in Austin for Women in the Desert and Caring for the Souls of Partners of Sex Addicts. It was AMAZING. I have been asked to come back and do more workshops in the future, so stay tuned for that.

Also, my classes at the Seminary of the Southwest started back up again, and I’m looking forward to a year focused on discernment, vocation, and family systems.

Lastly, on Thursday, I went to Dallas to begin a year-long study of the Enneagram with Suzanne Stabile (I know, right?!)

The really cool thing is how one common thread revealed itself throughout all those events…

The transformative power of STORY.

I listened to a book this week called, “The Story We Find Ourselves In” by Brian McLaren. I love the double meaning of that title SO much.

On one level, it refers to the bigger story you find yourself in when you discover your husband is a sex addict or has betrayed you. At that moment, you all of a sudden find yourself in this story you didn’t know you were living in!

Coming to terms with your new story is super painful and TRAUMATIZING. It can cause you to question everything you thought to know to be true – about yourself, about your marriage, about God…It’s a form of existential trauma.

However, there is a deeper meaning. You can choose to become an active participant in your new story. You can embrace transformation. 

When you embrace transformation,
God can come in and TRANSFORM you.

How do you do that? By following the 7 essential elements described in the Surviving His Sex Addiction & Betrayal guidebook. You can download it for free at

The 7 essential elements for transformation are Safety, Self-Regulation, Support, Sisterhood, Spirituality, Strategy and, introducing, Story.

If you have already downloaded it, but have questions, feel free to reply to this email! I’d love to connect and become a part of your COMEBACK STORY. 

Part of my own COMEBACK STORY was faith that someday my betrayal would have meaning and lead to something good. Ultimately, my betrayal led me to become a life coach and spiritual director for other women who have discovered their husband’s betrayal or sex addiction.

If you are ready to commit to your own transformation and become an active participant in your own story, then I can help.

Until next time..

xoxo, Jenni