Shann Davis is a sex addiction and trauma specialist who lived through trauma and betrayal and now runs a ministry for other women.

Shann’s path is a path of faith – there is no shame, only grace and redemption.

She met her ex-husband at 14, started dating at 15, and was married at 20. At that age, she didn’t recognize the signs of her husband’s betrayal.

Shann shares her D-Day (Discovery Day) story and the shock of her husband’s betrayal.

How did she find out?

An accidental butt dial gave her a 5-minute bizarre glimpse into his conversation with “the other woman”.

You may identify with her 15-year struggle to save her marriage and “make it work”– no matter what the cost.

On the other side of the fight of her life, Shann has lived through life-altering illnesses, including breast cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, a uterine tumor, blot clots in her brain, and multiple surgeries.

I related to her story of losing herself, focusing solely on him and saving the marriage, while constantly asking herself. “What did I do wrong?” and “Why am I not enough?”.

As you listen to today’s episode, remember:

Betrayal is not about you.
Betrayal is not your fault.
Betrayal is not about needing to lose 10 pounds, or needing to change.

Is someone in your life in a relationship where there is betrayal?

Love them enough to listen.
Show empathy.
Point them to truth.
Trust the process.

Referenced in this episode:

The Body Keeps the Score: Bessel Van der Kolk


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