One of my goals for this podcast was to share with listeners the wisdom of what I refer to as “my choir of angels”, meaning the amazing team of healers that I have relied on during my own healing and personal growth journey.

Dr. Alex is most certainly one of my angels.

I was so blessed to have found her at a pivotal time in my life.

She helped me get sober.

She helped care for me and my shattered nervous system as I was rocked by the discovery of my ex’s sex addiction and our subsequent divorce.

I don’t know what I would have done without her!

Alejandra Carrasco, M.D. is a board certified physician, bestselling author, wife and mom of 3. She has dedicated the last fifteen years to studying nutrition, integrative, preventative, and functional medicine.

She founded Nourish Medicine in 2012, and is the bestselling author of Bloom: 7 Steps to Reclaim Your Health, Cultivate Your Desires, and Reignite Your Spark.

Join Dr. Alex and I as we take a hard look at what happens to our bodies when we live with prolonged trauma.

The kind of trauma that one experiences as a result of being in a relationship with a sex addict or where there is sexual betrayal trauma.

The impacts on our physical and mental health can be devastating.

Thank heavens Dr. Alex has lots of good advice on how we can learn to care for ourselves.

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