When I say to you that it is okay – even necessary – to give yourself permission to want more, how does that make you feel in your body?

Do you soften and open to receive?

Or do you immediately go into self-doubt and self-judgment and contract?

I make up that it’s the latter.

You are not alone.

I believe that women are taught at a very early age that our needs are not as important as others, and when I say “others” I really mean men.

We are trained to judge our worthiness on how well we are able to care for others and make other people happy. Right??

This sets us up to deny our needs and our desires, and to question and judge the idea of wanting MORE. And it for sure sets us up to lose ourselves in our relationships and to base our worth on us being in relationship with someone else.

Is it any wonder that you’ve had such a hard time deciding whether to leave?

Join me for this episode of the Beauty After Betrayal™ podcast for a deep dive into why it is important for you to want MORE for yourself.

I’m just going to name it right here:

You being in a relationship with someone who has repeatedly lied to you and manipulated you has resulted in you lowering the bar for how you deserve to be loved.

I am here to tell you that you are worthy of MORE.

WARNING: In this podcast, you will be asked to make a vow to never settle for less than you heart and soul desires. I’m serious. 🙂

Because I believe this issue is so important, I am going to be hosting a free workshop called Worthy of MORE: Reclaim Your Authentic, Feminine Power & Stop Settling for Less in Love.

It’s happening on July 8th and you can read all about and sign up for it RIGHT HERE.