Okay, sisters. This is the episode where I ask you to name your fears, look them straight in the eyes, and do the thing anyway ~ whatever the thing is that you are afraid to do!

Join me as I go down the list of the most commonly occurring fears that I hear from my clients, and that I experience myself as a survivor of sexual betrayal trauma.

These are the fears that keep us stuck, keep us from dating, keep us from all the great and wonderful things we want for ourselves. They are all what keeps us from choosing to make the investments that we need in ourselves.

I cover all the greatest hits, including:

How do I possibly ever trust someone else again?

What if no one wants me because I’m too damaged or broken?

Are there really any good men (or women) left out there?

Spoiler Alert: All these fears are really rooted in whether we trust ourselves and something bigger than us.

Betrayal trauma shatters our belief system and often robs us of our faith. It can also make us feel like we can’t trust ourselves, our intuition or our bodies. And learning to trust yourself again is the KEY to everything you want for yourself (and deserve).

I’m talking about all the good stuff like big love, great sex and a healthy, beautiful life!

I know that you just want to have hope that you can find love again.

You want to trust yourself and know that you can trust others.

You want to reclaim your body and your sexuality.

You want to feel prepared for dating again – no matter your age!

I got you. I’ve been where you are. I can help you get to the other side.

That’s why I am hosting a FREE workshop called Worthy of MORE: Reclaim Your Authentic, Feminine Power & Stop Settling for Less in Love.

It’s happening on July 8th and you can read all about and sign up for it RIGHT HERE.

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