This is the one you have been waiting for!

My sweet, sexy husband Jeff makes his debut appearance on the Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast!

This was the first time that I’ve had someone LIVE in the studio with me, and I have to admit that it was weirdly intimate for me! Which of course I have to talk about during the show.

You’re going to want to make yourself a cup of tea and sit down in a comfy chair so that you can really allow yourself to absorb the sweetness of this episode.

Jeff and I share openly about how we first met and my fears around opening up to him about my story…and how he was able to lovingly see me and accept me for who I was.

We also talk about how I struggled to manage my nervous system as I learned to trust myself (and someone else) again. All while he was learning how to care for me when I got triggered and how he manages to (mostly) not take it personally.

More than anything, I hope that hearing mine and Jeff’s story will allow you to have hope again.

We also make a plug for the bonus session on “What Men Really Want” that Jeff will be joining me for as part Your Big Sexy Comeback – my 8-week program for women who are ready to embrace their right (and reclaim their hope) for big love, great sex and a healthy, beautiful life!

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Until next time, stay sexy!