This episode is a juicy one! Gaelyn Rae Emerson is a relational trauma recovery coach with advanced training in couples relationships, divorce recovery, problematic sexual behavior and sex addiction induced trauma.

Gaelyn and I both trained under the Association of Partners of Sex Addicts Trauma Specialists (APSATS) and she came on the podcast to talk about her own previous betrayals and all the incredible nuggets of wisdom she’s learned along the way.

Her journey with sexual betrayal began when she returned from a 3-week business trip and her first husband of 5 years told her that he’d fallen in love with a woman on the internet and wanted a divorce.

After her second marriage ended due to her husband’s sex addiction and subsequent betrayals, she reflected a lot on her healing journey in between her two marriages.

“I knew that I was a woman of strength, and resilience, and courage and compassion and forgiveness and empathy, and support, and all of those things! And I forgot to pay as much attention to – did he have those things to give in return. And I think if I had to do it over again I would have shifted some of my emphasis to… what do I need FROM a partner to make a marriage work rather than going so far to the other extreme of what do I have to give…”

Now Gaelyn works with hundreds of women who are on their own healing journeys. She divides her time between Minnesota where she coaches clients online through her private practice Women Ever After, and Florida where she’s on staff at the CORE Relationship Recovery Center.

“The woman I am today would have made different choices but I did not become the woman I am today without making the choices I had made.”

We talk about baby steps, interim acceptance, the importance of embodiment in the healing process, and the best advice she received from a business seminar many years ago:

“There’s no situation in life that cannot be answered by one of these three things:
You can decide to live with the situation,
You can decide to leave the situation,
Or you can decide to lobby for change within the situation.”

And what woman can’t relate to that?? Join us and listen in.

P.S. Gaelyn has three incredible opportunities coming up to work with her this month!
On August 12th, she will be starting three new cohorts for her signature divorce support group, Avenue D: Road to Debridement.

Avenue D is Gaelyn’s 12-week online coaching program for women whose relationships DON’T survive the traumatic impact of sexual betrayal.

Within this program, she utilizes her own original material—content that she’s written, edited, improved and developed since 2015, integrating feedback from her work with divorced and divorcing partners (150+ and counting!) within this focused niche of her private practice.


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