Hold onto your seats for this week’s episode of Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast, because it is an incredible arc of triumph and comeback!

A dear client of mine, Sandy (last name omitted for anonymity), is here to share her incredible story.

Sandy had two different D-Days (Discovery Days). The first time was when her twin daughters were 3 years old and a Google search autofilled to “Ashley Madison”, a hook-up networking site for married men.

Years later, in 2019, when she discovered pictures on his phone that weren’t intended for her, she realized that she was finally ready to face the truth.

“I stayed for the exact amount of time I had to stay until I could go.”

Since her decision to divorce her husband, Sandy has been in an incredible process of rediscovery with her life and her sexuality that she has found both fun and freeing.

Jenni and Sandy discuss the iron cage that women live in with sexuality, and the expectations of passive receptivity that restrains women sexually.

Sandy shares her own journey in letting go of “what I think they might want to hear that I like” and embracing being upfront and honest about what she does like.

“It’s really helped me work a lot on boundaries, honesty, speaking my truth, standing up for myself, showing up for myself…”

Join our conversation and listen to how Sandy went from feeling broken and betrayed to reclaiming her whole, beautiful, sexy, fabulous, wonderful self.

All because she showed up, invested in herself, and did the work.

She learned to say YES to herself.

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