Today on the Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast we have something a little bit different for you!

Our special guest is Rebecca Ray, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate, and the owner of Ray Family Therapy, based in the cities of San Marcos and Houston in Texas.

She has specialized training in EMDR, which is so helpful when you’re healing from betrayal trauma (I’ve had lots of EMDR myself!), because it helps us resolve anger, anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Rebecca is also a C-SAT (Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist) Candidate, so she treats sex addiction and loves working with couples using the Gottman Method Couples Therapy.

She is serious about helping couples reignite passion, sexual intimacy and equality in their relationship, and I’ve invited Rebecca here today to share her wisdom with us.

In this informative episode, Rebecca helps us answer important questions like:

“What does early couples therapy look like?”

“How do I know my partner is getting better?”

“How can I learn to trust them again?”

“What does the betrayed partner need to be watching out for?”

“How can the person who has betrayed their partner help reassure them and find safety and stability in the marriage again?”


“Couples therapy in early recovery can actually help couples navigate the addiction recovery process and transparency, which is a pretty complicated process particularly in the beginning.”

~ Rebecca Ray

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