Episode 24 of the Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast episode is out now and I have dedicated it to this amazing woman I know named Molly Carroll.

Molly is a licensed therapist, coach, author, warrior, intuitive, and all-around magical creature. She has the ability to look deep inside you, identify how your core wound is blocking you, and help you shift it so that you can heal.

During an interview I did for her podcast, Molly gave me permission to being telling a new version of my origin story. Before that interview, I believed that my origin story began with the discovery of my ex’s sexual betrayal. I was wrong. My story actually began much earlier in my life and involved a family secret that I was too afraid to talk about. Thanks to Molly – no more.

I was inspired to record this podcast after a conversation we had during a recent weekend retreat. Molly told me that she truly resonated with the work that I do with women around reclaiming their healthy sexuality.

However, she did not identify as having experienced sexual betrayal trauma or abuse. After mulling this over, my response to Molly is that…

We have ALL experienced betrayal trauma.

Even if you don’t identify with ever having been cheated on, having a partner who is a sex addict, or having been sexually abused, you have undoubtedly had experience with betrayal.

“Betrayal trauma at the most basic level is when a person or institution that we rely on for safety and security betrays our trust.”

~ Jenni Rochelle

Of course, you can take that term and apply it to sexual betrayal. You can also apply it to the betrayal people feel from their government, schools, families and, especially, the religious institutions that we are raised in.

More importantly, however, is the fact that almost all of us have committed the greatest betrayal of all, which is that of self-betrayal.

Join me as I break down what betrayal trauma really is, the different ways we might experience it, how it’s a symptom of an even bigger issue (hint: it has to do with our sexuality!!), and how we can break free from the chains of betrayal that hold us back from becoming our most authentic, free, audacious, sexy version of ourselves.


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