Have you ever wondered if your life would have turned out completely different if you’d made just one different choice, or just one of your circumstances had been different than it was?

On this week’s episode of Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast, I am joined by an incredibly inspirational woman by the name of Angie Hejl.

Angie is on the board of directors for a nonprofit called Truth Be Told. This organization, based in Austin, provides transformational trauma-responsive programs for women who are or have been incarcerated to promote healing and empowerment, and break the cycle of incarceration for themselves, their families and their communities.


Did you know that:

70% of incarcerated women have struggled with addiction

74% of addicted women have reported sexual abuse

76-80% of incarcerated women are mothers


Angie shares with us all the wonderful things that Truth Be Told is doing with incarcerated women, including their focus on using story-telling as a way for these women to reconcile and heal their past traumas by telling their stories. It’s a powerful process that invokes healing and empowerment.


86% of graduates from Truth Be Told programs do not go back to prison.


Truth Be Told helps break the patterns of past abuses and addictions, provides the hope of not going back into the system, and gives these women a fighting chance to lead a healthy and happy life after prison.


Angie also shares with us her own personal story of trauma, incarceration, and healing.


These women are not their crime.
They are women who have experienced trauma.
They are any of us.

They are all of us.

P.S. Truth Be Told’s annual campaign kicks on November 30th!

All funds raised will go towards their expansion in 2021 and 2022.

If you’d like to support them in helping women heal from trauma and reclaim and restore their lives, you can donate here!

Give to Truth Be Told – Help Women Heal


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