Today, I am so excited to introduce you to someone near and dear to my heart. Natalie Turner is a relational living coach and breathwork facilitator. I call her one of my “Dreamgirls.” She a member of my recovery group and with me every step of my recovery journey, and is the ex-partner of a sex addict. Today we learn her story. She discovered her husband was unfaithful and acting outside of the marriage on election night 2016–her personal trauma fused with our collective trauma. Our conversation goes deep into her journey–including anger, verbal abuse, infidelity, betrayal, and injustice. And we emerge on the other side.

We focus on who she became because of her healing journey. She credits herself as being among the most important things she has ever done for herself and the best thing that ever happened to her. We discuss the healing that occurs through intimate friendships with women in the community of women.

Natalie facilitates group containers for women+ wanting to explore remembering intimacy and connection with all the parts of themselves and cultivating friendship beyond the superficial with other women+, as we shed “good girl” conditioning together. She offers facilitation/coaching, breathwork, hypnosis‚Ķ.all the things.”

Enjoy this healing, transformational conversation.

I love you all,