Welcome to the first 2022 episode of Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast!

This year I’m leaning in to some exciting, scintillating, and thought-provoking discussions, teachings, and inspirations around… wait for it… SEX.

Yes – sex! And Your Big Sexy Comeback!

And you finally getting out of your head, and into your body!

Thank you for listening over these past 9 months to this incredible passion project of mine that has continued to grow thanks to all of you, and will continue to evolve as I do.

Betrayal will always be a big part of what I do because so many women have experienced it.

And the more I look at my own story, do my own work, and help women who are healing from betrayal… the more I see that the betrayal itself is merely a symptom of the bigger narrative… of each of our bigger story arcs.

So as we move into 2022, you are going to see that more of what I do, speak to, and teach on, will be centered around how we get out of our heads and into our bodies.

Because I truly believe that our pleasures and our desires directly correlate to our power: in our lives, our relationships, at work, at home… everywhere!

As long as we are disconnected from our bodies, our pleasure and our power, we cannot fully thrive.

In this episode, I talk more about these big shifts, along with my own five pivotal stories of what happened to me throughout my life that led me to where I am today.

Tune in, buckle up, and let me tell you all about it.

Welcome to the Desire, Pleasure and Power Hour, aka Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast.

This is where the real revolution begins Beauties.

Here we go!!

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