Have you ever had a “Waking Up” moment? Where you shift out of your ordinary consciousness and connect deeply with something larger than yourself?

Paige Britt is in the studio for this week’s episode of Beauty After Betrayalâ„¢ Podcast, and we talk about these moments and so. much. more.

She is a dear friend of mine, as well as a mentor, guidepost, spiritual director, and mystical being who I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for more than 20 years.

Paige is a meditation teacher, spiritual director, and author of the best-selling middle-grade fantasy book The Lost Track of Time (which, although geared towards readers age 8-12, was secretly written for adults).

She works with people who are “waking up” to their old ways of knowing, doing, and being that no longer serve them. She helps them wake up to the toxic relationships we all have with our minds, so they can discover what lays beyond when we can get out of our own heads.

“Waking Up” is profound and empowering work once we move past the discomfort of discovering that we are so much more than just our thoughts.

Then we can move into “Awake Awareness”, where we have experienced an identity shift of moving away from all of our old stories and conditioning (which is where most of us live), into living from a centered place of awareness.

Many people seek Paige’s support to help them sustain their awakening from a mere a-ha moment into embodying it in the very core of their being and living.

In my own work with Paige, I’m continuing to learn how to find that ongoing stability of living in awareness. Stabilization is when you are able to return to that open expansive place on a continual basis, knowing that’s where your truest self lives.

Paige says that “it’s the work of a lifetime”.

This year, one of my big shifts will be helping women get out of their heads and into their bodies, so Paige is the perfect guest to help us kick off the podcast in the new year.

We talk about our own stories that have held us back, our mountain top moments of awakening, the deep wisdom of children, and how our bodies are full of bioenergetic wisdom.

“Our bodies are one of the most profound doorways into the Divine.” ~ Paige Britt

We also discuss how spiritual abuse can create many blocks in our lives and how redefining, repairing, and reclaiming your own relationship with divinity can be life-altering.

Join us, as Paige helps us remember to trust ourselves and to listen to the small voice deep inside us all; and the importance of finding friends and guides along our path, so we have true and loving mirrors around us to reflect back to us our own perfect nature.


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Read her books: The Lost Track of Time and Why Am I Me?


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