Today on the Beauty After Betrayalâ„¢ Podcast I am talking about intimacy and pleasure.

Oh yes.

We are going to talk about juicy ways to feel good and alive in your body.

But first, we’ll unpack the fact that most of us probably think about sex when I say the word “pleasure”. Maybe you think of making love, masturbation, sexual acts, and thoughts or feelings that turn you on sexually.

And yes, pleasure is all of those things. But it’s not JUST those things.

What we’re really talking about is this experience that happens in our bodies when we feel good.

Pleasure is in your body, not in your head.

And I know all you smart, successful, high-achieving women out there (like me!) are living in your heads. I was that way for years and years. Sex wasn’t fun for me.

When we live in our heads, we miss out on all of the experiences, feelings, sensations, and pleasures that exist below our necks (and waists!).

We have to learn how to become embodied.

So in this episode, we’re going to talk about how we can do just that.

You will learn WHY pleasure is important and how it can heal us… how it is a part of our divine design.

I promise to keep it real. And I promise to keep it juicy.

Embrace Pleasure & Revolutionize Your Life!

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