On this week’s Beauty After Betrayalâ„¢ Podcast, I have invited one of my beautifully brave clients to share her own journey of betrayal with us.

Julie Mahr first discovered me through this podcast, became a client of mine, and is now an alum of Your Big Sexy Comeback, my signature group coaching program.

This interview is a full-circle moment for her to now be able to tell her story and reach and help other women who have gone through similar experiences in their own lives.

Julie’s story begins with the heartbreak of discovering her husband’s porn addiction that was suffocating their marriage and her happiness and explaining why she felt shut down sexually.

She guides us through the ups and downs of her own healing process with a vulnerability and raw honesty that so many of you will resonate with, regardless of your own experiences.

“Wait a second – there is nothing wrong with me.
This is not about me.
I didn’t cause it, I can’t cure it…”
~ Julie Mahr

As Julie begins to come through the darkness and is finally able to find peace (and herself!) again, you will feel the hope that she now embodies.

And when she shares how she has reclaimed her joy and gotten back in touch with her own sexual desires… even as a woman of deep modesty and religious faith… you will cheer her on with every word.

“I’m connected to my whole self again.” ~ Julie Mahr

I cannot wait for you to tune in to this episode, and I hope it inspires you as much as Julie’s journey has inspired me.

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