This week on the Beauty After Betrayal™ Podcast we are talking about intimacy.

I was recently given the title The Queen of Intimacy because I am here to help women create what I call everyday intimacy.

And I believe it is available to us no matter what we’ve been through… no matter what’s going on in our life in the moment, in terms of our relationships… that we can learn to cultivate intimacy.

And I believe that’s what life is really all about.

In this podcast episode, I start with a story about me and Jeff. It’s a story that illustrates how we don’t always get it right.

In all of our relationships – with our beloveds, with our children, with our friends, with our coworkers – where there’s attachment, we are always moving through a cycle.

The cycle consists of three parts: 1) being securely attached; 2) a rupture occurs; 3) repair happens. Rinse and repeat forever.

And the most important part of this cycle is actually the repair: how we come back and reconnect in an intimate way after a rupture.

I also honor that of course there are some circumstances where you’re in a situation when you don’t feel safe – those of addiction, abuse, betrayal, etc… and I’m not asking you to necessarily repair with those people in your life.

In those instances what I want you to do is to intimately connect with yourself. This is a huge part of what I teach.


“All intimacy begins with ourselves.” ~ Jenni Rochelle


And this is where the work really begins.

Tune in to learn…

  • how receiving pleasure and love is paramount to creating intimacy
  • why we, as women, put up walls between us and intimacy
  • how we cannot have intimacy with anyone else until we have intimacy with ourselves

Intimacy is a comeback every day.
Intimacy is messy.
And it’s why we’re here.



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