I have met so many amazing women through online communities, including my guest this week on the Beauty After Betrayalâ„¢ Podcast.

Allison Vernon-Thompson is the creator of Feminine Fire Method, which is a delicious combination of yoga, pilates, strength training and dance, and it’s designed to fit how a woman’s body works.

I feel like I’ve tried all forms of exercise over my lifetime, and I can say that Allison’s method is one of the coolest ways I’ve ever experienced moving my body. I love her classes!

As a personal trainer, Allison always felt out of place in the gym environment mentality of driving, pushing and giving 110% all the time, no matter how you feel or what’s going on in your body that day.

Releasing the pressure of the bro culture’s approach to fitness has helped her be more consistent, fit, strong, and more connected to her body and feelings than ever before. Now she helps other women achieve this through her Feminine Fire Method.

“The work that I do is really about tuning into our bodies, using our bodies as the guide for our workout, and really allowing ourselves to be seduced into a workout.” ~ Allison Vernon-Thompson

We talk about embodied feelings and how they influence and inspire how we show up in the world.

We discuss how learning to trust ourselves about our bodies and how we feel in our bodies, is the antidote to the toxic shaming messages that women receive from the fitness industry, diet culture, and general media every day.

And we share in the excitement that we are both presenters in The Women’s Day Event next week!

Tune in to this delightful conversation about the importance of giving women permission to be who they are.


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